Lock Your Deadbolt; Forget the Knob

A locked doorknob may make you feel somewhat secure but it is just an illusion of security. A locked doorknob can be overcome in seconds with a hard kick for inswinging doors, or a large screwdriver for outswinging doors. Millions of Americans leave for work every day and "lock" their door behind them by twisting the little knob on the back of the door knob to the locked position. Meanwhile they never take the time to get their key out and lock the deadbolt, which is where the real security for the door is. Burglars don’t want to be slowed down. They are looking for easy targets. Make your home more difficult to get in by locking the deadbolt. Lock the doorknob too if you want to; just don’t think of it as secure. We do install deadbolts, including high security deadbolts far better than the ones available at home stores.

Every home should have a 1 inch deadbolt on every exterior door. That means the "throw" of the bolt (the part that sticks out from the door into the door frame, when in the locked position) should be 1 inch. Some older homes h1ave deadbolts with only a half inch throw and these should be replaced. Worse than that; you can go into any city in America and find tons of homes that don’t have a deadbolt on every exterior door. Just having a locking door knob is one step away from having nothing. You want to get a kind that has extra long screws for holding the "strike plate". This is the plate that screws onto the door frame for reinforcement of the hole accepting the deadbolt’s throw. These extra long screws make the "kick-in" attack much more difficult as you are screwing through the frame face and into the "stud" behind it.

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